Bylaws Writing

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Bylaws Writing

A professional parliamentarian can provide assistance in drafting new bylaws, as well as bylaws amendments and/or a complete bylaws revision.

Refer to Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), 11th edition, p. 556:
"Work of the Bylaws Committee....The drafting committee may find it helpful to procure and study copies of the bylaws of other organizations similar to the one being formed, although the possible applicability of their provisions must be carefully evaluated in the light of expected conditions within the new society. The committee may also find it advisable to consult a professional parliamentarian."

RONR pp. 566-567:
"A committee to draw up proposed bylaws should generally be large, and should include the most judicious persons available, those who have a special interest in the rules of the society, and those who would otherwise be likely to consume much time in discussing the bylaws when they come before the assembly for adoption. Persons having writing ability of the kind required should also be included, unless a professional parliamentarian is to do the actual drafting of the bylaws. Even if the drafting is to be done by members of the committee, a parliamentarian can often be of great assistance as a consultant."


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