Professional Presiding Officer

A professional parliamentarian can serve your organization as a Professional Presiding Officer.

Refer to Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), 11th edition, pp. 453-454:

"Invited Temporary Presiding Officer. In certain instances in an ordinary society—for example, if an adjourned meeting or a special meeting must deal with a problem that has intensely divided the organization—it may be that such a meeting can accomplish more under the chairmanship of an invited nonmember who is skilled in presiding. (Sometimes this may be a professional presiding officer.) If the president and vice-president(s) do not object, the assembly, by majority vote, can adopt such an arrangement for all or part of a session. Alternatively, the rules may be suspended to authorize it, even over the objection of the president or a vice-president. Cf. pages 652–53."


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